Google Play reviews delivered into Slack and your inbox

Get notified about new or modified reviews and replies via the integrations, the newsletter, the dashboard or the API.

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Stay on top of Play Store ratings and reviews posted into your favorites.


Delivering a daily summary of Play Store reviews and ratings of all your apps, straight to your inbox. See the good and the bad every day, with charts and instant reply options.

Regular updates

Get the news daily, weekly or monthly.


Understand the changes through the rating tables.

The best and the worst

See a summary of the highest and lowest ratings.


Reply straight from the email.


A searchable, sortable and filterable list of reviews and ratings, complete with charts.


Search in the name or the content.


Respond to reviews straight from the dashboard.


Flag the important ones for later.

See what's new

See what happened since the last day.


Historical data, visualized.

Sorting and filtering

Sort and filter by date, number of stars, and more.


All this is available via an advanced REST API as well. Lots of parameters, customizable queries, JSON and protocol buffer formats.

Developer friendly

A REST API based on standards.

Custom queries

Query by date, number of stars, language, device types, and more.

Multiple formats

Choose between JSON and protocol buffer.

Secure and accurate

Built on Google's new API.